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Annual Fund

Because Childhood Matters...

We all intuitively know that childhood matters because we were all children at one time and the memories we carry forward ground us today. But it’s not just our own childhoods that can confirm this statement. As an adult, you may have witnessed the growth and development of a child since birth and been awed by the ability of an infant to learn, a baby to crawl, or a 7-year-old to read. This magical time is what we collectively call “childhood.”

Every day there is more scientific evidence confirming the importance of this critical period from birth to adulthood. What we experience and learn from infancy creates a foundation that steers us for the rest of our adult lives. Brain development, emotional and social skills, physical health and nutrition, love of learning — all these factors are critical during childhood.  How well we master basic development makes a huge difference on how successful we are as adults, dramatically affecting our relationships, ambition, and academic and career pursuits.

Fortunately, this critical period also offers a built-in mechanism for renewal and healing should a child’s early experiences be less than ideal. Children are best able to overcome abandonment, neglect, and abuse when they are young and resilient, while the body is still growing and developing. For example, it is so much more difficult at an adult age to heal the emotional wounds of fear and mistrust in relationships or deal with the economic consequences from failing to earn a high school diploma due to reading deficits. 

Thanks to you and others like you, childhood is a happier and safer place for CSI kids. You give our kids the opportunity to change the trajectory of their lives at a time when they can absorb love and information like sponges. You help give parents the education and support they need to create safe and loving homes. Because of you, we are creating better families, better childhoods and, ultimately, a better community.

With your help, the CSI Annual Fund, January 1 to December 31, can be successful again this year. Our goal is to raise $900,000 in funds that can be used for whatever services our kids and families need the most. You are a vital lifeline for the kids in CSI's care.

Thank you for making a difference.



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