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Sometimes childhood is interrupted by crisis--feelings and situations too big for children, teens and families to deal with on their own. Often children--and especially teens--express sadness, fear and anger through their behaviors and attitude, which can be especially challenging for their caregivers. CSI can help.

CSI therapists honor the importance of children's relationships with their parents/caregivers and set up safe, comfortable environments for them to address big problems in a variety of ways, including through play and art. Therapists also help parents/caregivers understand what is happening and learn how to successfully respond to their children's cries for help. Goals are unique to each person and include changes in behavior, better relationships with friends and family members, decreased feelings of anxiety or depression and improved self-esteem.

Our therapists have expertise in working with children and teens in out-of-home care; children, teens and families struggling with the aftermath of child abuse and neglect; children and teens with behavioral problems; and marital concerns, such as divorce, that impact children.  

CSI is leading the way in restoring the childhoods of hurt children and teens--helping them get healthy and remain strong!

To make a therapy appointment, please email Support Services Supervisor Carolyn Laible at claible@childsaving.org



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