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Same-sex couple adopts older children through foster care


The Face of Adoption Today

Today, CSI's primary focus in adoption is finding loving, nurturing families for older children in need of a Forever Family. 

Older child adoption isn’t always easy, but for the most part, neither is doing anything worthwhile—like parenting. Welcoming an older child into your home is life-changing—for you as well as the child. Your willingness to make a difference will repair a hurt that might not have been fixed in any other way, or by any other person.

Adopting an older child from foster care

Children wind up in the foster care system most frequently because of abuse, neglect, or abandonment. Yet, the resiliency of children is extraordinary. With love and support these children—like ALL children—are able to heal and succeed. 

Like most kids, children in foster care want to be just like everyone else. They need love. They need a family. They need YOU. Visit the Nebraska Heart Gallery to meet the children who are in need of Forever Families >>


To speak with an adoption specialist, please contact Child Saving Institute at 402-553-6000 or inquire here.




Interested in adoption?

Please contact Child Saving Institute at 402-553-6000 to speak with an adoption specialist or email your inquiry.


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